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Bringing nature as an answer to your lifestyle disorders, NaturOville is your ideal choice to have a blissfully authentic Kerala Ayurveda, yoga and meditation experience.

While it offers all forms of traditional therapies and modern treatments to its guests, the Vedic retreat doesn't just heal the existing disorders but rather provides a harmonious routine of life. A perfect recluse in itself, it provides complete relaxation from building stress and anxiety disorders that come with hectic city life.

Situated snugly in the lap of ethereal looking Himalayas, NaturOville offers the benefit of ancient healing sciences that purifies, rejuvenates and heals your body. The divine spa sessions, Ayurveda therapies combined with the goodness of yoga and meditation helps you strikes that perfect balance between your mind, body and soul.

Here, the focus is not just laid on the treatments and amenities but in acquiring a unique, wholesome experience for every guest. And this is achieved by incorporating the 5,000-year old science skills and theories in every aspect of your routine - be it Ayurvedic diet, yoga/meditation sessions (along with the therapy) or personal consultation by the expert Ayurveda professionals.

Our hospitality services are something that remains the star of the entire experience at NaturOville. While enchanting hills and nature's serenity pamper you throughout, the highly experienced Ayurveda professionals, dietitians and rest of the staff works hard to make this a perfect vacation for you. Based upon your interests and time at hand, the staff also suggests you various activities and local sightseeing to get a taste of Indian traditions and the beauty of Himalayas.

No wonder then, that our client list attracts large number of clients from across the world. 'Amrita', our Ayurveda centre at NaturOville finds inspiration from ancient Vedic wisdom passed on for generations and offers all major forms of authentic Kerala Ayurveda treatments for its guests.


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